Biomed Global is a leading organisation in the biomedical and life sciences industry, offering a holistic range of innovative and cutting-edge solutions for principals looking to establish a presence in the South East Asia Region. Their services also includes industry expert consultations, technical training, service & support. 


What we did so far:

  1. Conducted Design Sprint that identified Biomed Global’s goals, the challenges faced, and the opportunities to digitize processes within Biomed Global.
  2. Part of the results from the Digitization process are having a Customer Service Portal, and an e-Commerce Portal (e-Shop) developed.
  3. The Customer Service Portal is for Biomed’s customers to check their orders and its delivery statuses online.
  4. The e-Commerce Portal (e-Shop) is for everyday consumers to purchase medical essentials.

Biomed Global Customer Service Portal screens

Biomed Global Customer Service Portal screens

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