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Our team worked in collaboration with Shopyou to build a personalised fashion shopping App primarily for Female shoppers.

Personalised for You

The aim was to simplify and personalise the shopping experience by learning more about the user’s preferences based on usage over time and in collaboration with a Deloitte Data Expert, providing personalised recommendations for products and looks for the user to purchase.

AI-driven Recommendation Engine

We designed the core recommendation engine for the App which continuously learns more about the user’s preferences based on usage patterns This recommendation process is further enhanced with Natural Language (NPL) input by processing and understanding a user’s input from the App chat window.

The recommendation engine works best when there are sufficient products in the system, this is another area which ENT73 had designed for scalability. To simplify and scale the data-entry of products into the system, We designed an automation algorithm for data import.

The process took over 9 months, with a series of product and design sprints, understanding the business model as well and agile and scrum methodologies for development.

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